• Introducing the Revolutionary ThermoCam N400

    Precise camera to find hidden faults!


    New Smart 2CH Vibration meter & Portable Balancer.

  • Motor Diagnosis Toolkit (MDT)

    OLIP MDT Toolkit is a portable motor driven equipment test system which automatically generates a condition assessment report indicating existing faults (both electrical and mechanical), time to failure information, recommended corrective actions, and effects of faults on energy efficiency.

  • Make Corona & Arcing Visible!

    Corona is often a sign of a defect, contamination, malfunction, bad design etc. of the electrical apparatus. Being able to pinpoint corona discharge and address potential equipment failure is important and can guarantee the reliable operation of the electrical ultraviolet (UV) cameras detect voltage related corona and arcing.


Maintenance technicians at a glass fabrication plant recently witnessed first hand how high temperatures can affect and potentially damage rolling bearings. Bearings in a fan used to evacuate superheated air during the glassmaking process began to overheat. Bearing temperatures, which normally hovered around 170°F (77°C), climbed to 195°F (91°C). While the fan continued to run, […]

Thermal imaging cameras were once common in utility and industrial plants, but commercial buildings have just as many opportunities to benefit from thermography. These point-and-shoot imagers have earned their place in the FM toolbox – use them to find heat loss and moisture intrusion within seconds, take no-contact measurements from a safe distance, and create […]

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