• OLIP ThermoCam N400 & N400 Pro

    ◆ High resolution IR images up to 307,200 pixels (640 x 480) alternative

    ◆ 5 inch 720P high resolution

    ◆ Optional high temperature range measuring up to 2000°C (3632°F)


N Series: High Performance Thermography IR Camera

OLIP infrared N series thermographic camera is an intelligent inspection device superior to any other thermal imaging products in its class. Up to 307,200 IR pixels high resolution allows the electrical and mechanical users to pinpoint any overheating quickly and take accurate temperature measurement intuitively on a 5-inch 720P LCD display. The ergonomic rotating LCD and lens design makes it comfortable to aim up at any overhead components. Based on an open Android operating system design, it works not only as a thermal camera but also a mobile terminal for versatile application programs. Benefit from the WiFi wireless communication capability, images and videos can be transferred to WiFi equipped mobile terminals for further analysis while the camera can also be commanded remotely by the mobile devices. The onboard analysis report can also be printed instantly on a WiFi printer. In all thermal imaging product range, Guide Infrared N series is the best choice to offer most efficient and ultimate solution for all inspectional services.

Olip N400


Olip N400

◆ High resolution IR images up to 120,000 pixels (400X300) and 307,200 pixels (640 x 480) alternative

◆ Visible light digital camera 5MP resolution with LED lamp provides sharp images regardless of lighting conditions

◆ 5 inch 720P high resolution LCD touch screen for better image clarity and easy operation

◆ Rotating LCD display up to 270° for easy viewing angle

◆ Rotating lens detents up to 70° for easy viewing angle

◆ 4X (10X for plus version) continuous zoom with auto/motorized focus

◆ Android based operation system with open platform for various APP developments and convenient program updating

◆ Powerful onboard analysis and reporting capabilities

◆ Multiple image presentation including IR, visible, PIP and IR blending

◆ WiFi&Bluetooth wireless communication

◆ Video streaming for IR & visible simultaneously

◆ Optional high temperature range measuring up to 2000°C (3632°F) targeting electrical and industrial applications

◆ Optional 11° telephoto or 45° wide angle lens

Technical Specifications

Model N400 N400 Pro
Detector type 640×480
NETD 0.04 °C 0.03 °C
Frame Frequency 50Hz/60Hz, 9Hz optional
­Focus Motor-drive/Auto
Standard lens 24.6° x 18.5°
Optional lens 45.4° x 34.9°
11.3° x 8.5 °
High-temp filter lens
LCD Display 5″, 1280 x 720 High Light touch screen
Viewfinder 1280 x 960 LCOS screen
Image Mode IR image/Visual image/P!P/MIF
Digital Zoom 1-4x 1-4x
Palette 8 10
Measurement Range Filter1:-20°C to 150°C;Filter2:150°C to 800 °C

(Optional to 2000 °C)

Accuracy Filter 1: ±1 °C to  ±1% of reading; Filter 2: ±2°C to ±2% of reading
Spot 8 spots 10 spots
Line 8 lines

(Max, Min, Average Temp)

10 lines

(Max, Min, Average Temp)

Area 8 areas (max,min,avg) 10 areas (max,min,avg))
Isotherm Yes
Temperture Alarm Visual and Sound
Dew Point YES
Image Format JPG or with raw data
Image Interval Storage N/A
Voice Annotation 60S
Text Annotation Soft Keyboard Input
Sketch on Image Yes
Visual Image Annotation N/A
Report Creation PDF Format
Video Format H.264(With temperature information)
Video Interval Storage Manual
Hardware SMP Visual camera; Illuminator; laser ; WIFI; Microphone (Volume adjustable); Speaker (Volume adjustable)
Digital compass; GPS; light sensor
Interface Micro USB2.0, SD card, Gigabit Ethernet, Tripod, Mini HDMI
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, operating more than 4 hours
Sleeping Mode Yes
Working Temperature -15°c to +50°c
Storage Temperature -40°c to +70 °c
Humidity 10% to  95%
Shock 25G,IEC 60068-2-29
Vibration 2G,IEC 60068-2-6
Encapsulation IP54